Edmund Tom Maciejewski
Edmund Tom Maciejewski

The Berkeley Heights Council continues their selfish behavior that deprives you of government transparency.

When the Berkeley Heights Clerk requested modifications to the Sunshine Act petition, they were promptly submitted in full. By law, this Faulkner petition should now be placed before the Town Council to act. Yet today I see the Council backroom has lawyered up by making claims about me to a County Prosecutor (instead of a Judge). It is time they voted on the Petition for government transparency.

We now see we need this Sunshine Act more than ever. This petition had 50% more signatures than necessary! And they throw all kinds darkness at us.I have not yet seen the claims, so I can not comment on them directly, nor have I had any direct communication from the Town of Berkeley Heights regarding their claims. This is quite unprofessional and yet again shows why Berkeley Heights needs this Sunshine Act.
The law states once a Clerk’s request is met, the Petition must move for consideration. By December 6th, the Clerk should have had the petition moved to Council for a Public Reading and a public Council vote. It is time the Town lawyer end his nonsense and respect the public.I have worked on the Berkeley Heights Sunshine Act with the utmost integrity. I do not believe that I have done anything to warrant a letter to Union County Prosecutor, nor anything that would put the acceptance of the Berkeley Heights Sunshine Act at risk. Upon receiving the clerk’s modification request, I quickly and personally fought for our citizens and received 109 signatures.

I would like to thank your continued support for the Berkeley Heights Sunshine Act. The full text can be found at: http://berkeleyheightssunshineact.org . As Judge Brandeis taught us : “”The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Let’s respect that. Oh… he also said “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”. The Berkeley Heights Council should stop playing games and hear this Sunshine Act Petition.

“We also bear in mind that, as a general matter, our State’s initiative-related laws are to be liberally construed ‘to encourage public participation in municipal affairs in the face of normal apathy and lethargy in such matters.’ Narciso v. Worrick, 176 N.J. Super. 315, 319 (App. Div. 1980)”

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