Alvaro Medeiros Asks For Recount Recheck

Apparently, Alvaro Medeiros has filed suit against the Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi.   

On a document dated Nov 21,2017,  Re: Application for Recount and Recheck in the Township of Berkeley Heights’s November 7.2017 General Election for the Office of Member of Township Council,  calls for a Recount and Recheck of the votes.  

Alvaro Medeiros(D) came in third place in the Town’s closest election in recent history, coming in third by a mere 8 votes to Jeanne Kingsley the current Vice President of the Berkeley Heights Town Council.

Stephen Yellin the Democratic Campaign Manager for the Poage / Medeiros Ticket Made the following statement on Berkeley Heights Community ( link ) “- Our campaign team requested, and was granted, a recount of the voting machines, as well as the Vote by Mail (“absentee”) and Provisional ballots. – We did not sue for anything but because it requires official approval from a judge we filed a motion in court. The County Clerk’s office is pro forma the entity that we would make the request of but they were not being sued. – Likewise, it is pro forma for the other candidates in the election to be officially notified of the recount. – We requested the recount due to the closeness of the election (less than .1%), so as to be sure that all votes that should have been counted, were counted. – We are not expecting any change in the outcome of the election. This is simply a matter of “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s”, so to speak. – A recount of the voting machines would be automatic in any case where the margin is .5% or less. We also requested a hand recount of the Vote by Mail (“absentee”) and Provisional ballots as they were counted separately, as is always the case. ”

Susan Poage won the election handedly, with John Sincaglia and Edmund Tom Maciejewski coming in 4th and 5th respectively.    AlvaroMedeirosBerkeleyHeightsSuit

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